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  • 1925 - The Beginning with Fred Clark

    The business began in 1925 when Fred Clark started operating a hatchery in the basement of his home in Caledonia.

  • 1950 – W. Murray Clark begins marketing poultry production equipment

    Fred’s son, W. Murray Clark travelled around the world working as a chick sexer establishing important contacts in the poultry industry. In 1950, he began marketing poultry production equipment through W. Murray Clark Limited. The company has evolved over the years into a high quality poultry equipment business in Ontario, specializing in all types of poultry production systems and services.

  • 1966 - Ron Clark joins his father

    Ron Clark joined his father in the equipment business which has grown into a family of companies collectively known as The Clark Companies.

  • 1981 - Martindale Hatchery and Farm Inc. is acquired by The Clark Companies

    In 1981, Martindale Hatchery Inc. was acquired. This company consisted of a hatchery located near York, Ontario, and the Ponderosa Farm, a commercial egg production facility. Martindale Hatchery was a distributor for Dekalb chicks and pullets until it was sold in 2001. Ponderosa Farm now continues operations as Clark Egg Farms on a modern farm located east of Caledonia.

  • 1984 - The Clark Companies acquires T. M. Spratt Ltd.

    In 1984, The Clark Companies acquired T. M. Spratt Ltd., a chicken and turkey production operation with several farm locations. T.M. Spratt Ltd. now continues operations as Clark Poultry Farms.

  • 1991 - Jason Clark becomes involved in the family business

    In 1991, Ron's son Jason became involved in the business after graduating from Brock University.  

  • 1994 – Clark Agri Service is established

    In 1994, The Clark Companies purchased an agricultural supply outlet in Dunnville from United Co-operatives of Ontario and began operating as Clark Agri Service Inc. A grain handling facility in Wellandport was added in 1995.

  • 1997 – Clark Farming is established

    In 1997, Clark Farming Ltd. was established as a cash crop operation which currently focuses on production of soybeans, corn, and wheat. 

  • 1999 – Clark Agri Service facility centralized in Wellandport

    In 1999, the Clark Agri Service facility in Wellandport was expanded and modernized, and became the sole location for Clark Agri Service.  CAS supplies fertilizer, crop protection, seed, and grain handling service including marketing, transportation, storage and drying. In that same year Jason Clark became President of The Clark Companies.

  • 2003 – Clark Agri Service facility is expanded

    In 2003, the Wellandport facility was expanded with the additional of a bulk soybean seed treatment center.

  • 2007 - The Clark Companies purchases Farmer Automatic Canada

    The Clark Companies purchased Farmer Automatic Canada and began distributing equipment across the country.

  • 2010 – The Clark Companies partners with Farmer Automatic

    In 2010, The Clark Companies partnered with Farmer Automatic in Germany to form Farmer Automatic GmbH & Co. KG, and for the first time became involved in the manufacturing and global marketing and distribution of the Farmer Automatic line of poultry housing, with a special focus on the development of alternative housing systems. 

  • 2012 – Cool Cell addition to Clark Poultry Farms

    In 2012, Clark Poultry Farms invested in the addition of Cool Cell to all of their poultry barns. Direct Evaporate Cooling is an excellent process for reducing the temperature in poultry barns by up to 20% depending on air speed and relative humidity. This system utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat heat stress.

  • 2014 – Combi II system installed at Clark Eggs Farms

    In 2014, Clark Egg Farms invested in a state-of-art Farmer Automatic Combi II layer housing system.  This was the first Combi II installation in Canada.  The Combi II system is currently operating as a fully enriched colony housing system. The hens are housed in larger colonies and have access to perches, scratch areas and a nesting area to lay their eggs. What is unique about this system is it can be opened and operated as an aviary system which allows the hens full access throughout the barn. 

  • 2015 – AGCO Acquires Farmer Automatic from The Clark Companies

    AGCO Corporation acquired Farmer Automatic GmbH & Co. KG from the Clark Companies. Clark Ag Systems continues on as the exclusive distributor of Farmer Automatic equipment in Canada.  In the same year Clark Ag Systems expanded its operations adding parts warehouses in Winnipeg and Manitoba. 

  • Fertilizer towers at Clark Agri Service

    2017- New Fertilizer tower at Clark Agri Service

    Clark Agri completes the expansion of their fertilizer tower #2 in Wellandport, adding significant fertilizer storage and ultra-fast mixing and distribution capability to its customers. Clark Agri also added blending capabilities for liquid nitrogen stabilization products to various urea blends.

    2017- Clark Ag Systems across Canada

    Clark Ag signs exclusive sub-distributors and complete 24/7 service across Canada for its various poultry equipment brands for layers and broilers. The company now has distributors in BC, SK, AB, MB, QC and soon to come, the Maritimes.

  • Tecno poultry equipment logo

    2018- Clark Ag Systems and Tecno Poultry Equipment

    Clark Ag signs an exclusive distribution deal with AGCO and TECNO Spa from Italy to sell and service TECNO poultry equipment across Canada.  Clark now carries both Farmer Automatic and TECNO, giving choice and options for poultry farmers across the country.