Ontario fresh eggs

Enriched Housing

Clark Egg Farms

Clark Egg Farms operates an egg production facility in Haldimand County

Egg Facts:

  • All eggs naturally contain 14 essential nutrients, 6 grams of protein and only 170 calories  
  • White and brown eggs have the same nutritional value
  • The yolk holds most of the egg’s nutrition including half of the protein
  • The colour of the yolk is determined by the diet of the hen and does not affect the nutritive value or quality of the egg
  • All Ontario farmers work with feed nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure that the best care possible is provided for their hens
  • Hens eat a balanced diet of grains, vitamins and minerals
  • All eggs in Ontario are produced according to the same Canada Grade A standard for quality, freshness and cleanliness  
  • The average hen will naturally lay approximately 320 eggs in one year
  • Eggs are sorted into sizes at grading stations based on weight not circumference
  • Grading stations receive, wash, inspect, weigh and pack eggs
  • Eggs are delivered to your grocery store in 4 to 7 days





                                       Combi II Layer Housing System


In 2014 Clark Egg Farms invested in a state-of-the-art Farmer Automatic Combi II layer housing system.  The Combi II system is currently operating as a fully enriched colony housing system. The hens are housed in larger colonies and have access to perches, scratch areas and a nesting area to lay their eggs. What is unique about this system is it can be opened and operated as an aviary system which allows the hens full access throughout the barn.


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