Protecting Your Nitrogen Investment

Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the largest input costs for corn growers today! N-trench is a new nitrogen stabilizer that can protect your nitrogen application in a corn crop when using 28% liquid nitrogen. One of the biggest reasons we grow a poor crop of corn some years is due to an overabundance of soil moisture during the critical months of May and June, leaving our soils saturated for an extended period of time. Under saturated soil conditions and warm soil temperatures, a grower can expect to lose as much of 5% of the available nitrogen in your soil daily. This process is called denitrification.

N-trench slows down the activity of the soil bacteria converting ammonium nitrogen to nitrates for a lengthy period of time (3-4 weeks in the spring). This preserves the applied nitrogen for use by the corn crop later in the growing season when corn really utilizes fertilizer in heavy proportions. N-trench is easy to work with-as it is mixed with your 28% right in the tank just before application. N-trench is a great insurance product to preserve the large amount of nitrogen fertilizer in your soil to enable you to get high end yields. Give your agronomist a call regarding this new product.

This Crop Corner has been written by Jerry Winnicki, Agronomy Manager at Clark Agri Service.  Jerry can be reached by email: or by phone 905-736-1426