Mandel employees in their new office

Clark Ag Systems Ltd. Signs Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement with Mandel Environment Solutions Inc. in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Clark Ag Systems Ltd is pleased to announce that effective June 15, 2017, they have signed an exclusive agreement with Mandel Environment Solutions Inc. of Lethbridge, AB, whereby Mandel will sell, install and service the Farmer Automatic poultry layer housing systems across southern Alberta.

Mandel Environment Solutions is a family owned and operated company that was established in 2010 in Lethbridge, Alberta. They specialize in the design of buildings including, but not limited to houses, shops, livestock and other barns, and schools. Mandel offer expertise in the design and installation of ventilation and heating systems throughout buildings and in particular livestock dwellings. In addition, Mandel specialize in the installation of poultry housing systems for both broiler and layer operations. 

Owner Len Mandel was raised on a farm in rural southern Alberta, where he managed a wide variety of livestock including poultry, cattle, and hogs. Having the prior experience in farming, construction, and ventilation provided Len with the perfect background for his business because he can relate to his clientele on several fronts. Being a farmer, he knows what the client wants and needs; being a contractor, he knows how to provide it, and what it will take to make it happen.

In March of 2017 after several years of successful growth and customer service, Mandel moved into a brand-new location in Lethbridge AB, where they have a full-service staff of six employees and extensive warehouse storage capabilities.  Len and his wife Susan note that the new location will allow them to manage their business much more efficiently with plenty of room for growth, while delivering exceptional customer service. 

Amy Carter, General Manager of Clark Ag, and Brad Mandryk, President of The Clark Companies are thrilled with the new alliance with Mandel Environment Solutions.  Amy notes that the relationship with Mandel “Gives Clark Ag Systems a presence in southern Alberta for the 1st time and an exceptional platform for the growth of Farmer Automatic hen housing systems in Alberta.  With the recent changes to the Canadian Code of Practice for the care and handling of pullets and laying hens, the Farmer Automatic systems are turnkey solutions that meet and exceed all regulations in the Code and have proven durability and production performance”. 

Please contact Amy Carter with any questions or to set up a meeting with Mandel Environment Solutions at 1 800 263 6410.